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Founder & Chairman

Terry Chan

Terry Chan empowers technology-driven eCommerce Supply Chain ecosystem & drive business growth in profitable & sustainable ways over 25 years.



  • Awarded the most promising business leader of Asia 2019 by Economic Times at Singapore

  • Featured by Forbes in 2018 at Vietnam

  • Invited by World Bank as speaker in 2018 at Vietnam

  • The 50 Fabulous Innovative Leader

  • World Innovation Congress 2020 at India

  • Top 10 Most Influential People in Supply Chain, 2023, CIO Views

A serial entrepreneur:

JUSTT GROUP (eCommerce Enabler to support brands to succeeded in the emerging eCommerce markets in particular, China and South-East Asia), JUSTT BEAUTHY (Healthtech), EC-Post (Supply Chain Accelerator), Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association HKeCSC (the First & the Only one in Hong Kong)


Held multinational organization leaderships:

Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO), AsiaPay (an award winning Fintech company in Asia), former GM, Alibaba Group/Lazada, Supply Chain Management, general management/experience at FedEX, DHL eCommerce, S.F. Express, Swedish & Danish Post, KMB, Cathay Pacific).


Hold adjunct lecturer at the University of Hong Kong. Independent advisor/mentor/trainer for Hong Kong Sciences & Technology Park Corporation (HKSTP), Hong Kong Trade & Development Council (HKTDC), HK Tech 300 of City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Federation of Youths Group (HKFYG)…etc. Independent consultant for governmental related organization, Estee Lauder, Informa Market, GLG, Atheneum, Coleman Research, KPMG, EY, McKinsey, Deloitte, Accenture, HKTVmall, 300+ Startups...etc. Steering


Committee/Advisory Committee/Chairman/Keynote Speaker/Moderator:

For 130+ international conferences for World Bank, Hong Kong Trade & Development Council (HKTDC), KPMG, GS1, Union Postal Union (UPU), Asian Pacific Postal Union (APPU), Triangle, Chamber of Commerce, ASEAN Embassy, Singapore & Vietnam Governments, Global Sources, Forbes, Economic Times, WBR, HSBC, Informa Markets, UBM...etc. Featured by Forbes, Transport Logistic Manager, HKET, Vietnam TV...etc.  

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Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC) is proud to have a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to advancing the interests of Hong Kong brands in the Southeast Asia e-commerce market. Our team members bring a wealth of experience and expertise in supply chain management, e-commerce strategies, and market analysis.

Team Meeting

Our Highlighted Committee Members

At HKeCSC, our committee members play a crucial role in supporting our mission. Their passion and dedication contribute significantly to the success of our initiatives and programs.

Our Highlighted Supporters

We have different categories of supporters namely, 1) Brand Owners, 2) Marketplaces, 3) Vertical e-Tailers, 4) Traditional Retailers, 5) Supporting Industries.

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